Extrusion granulation unit common cause of failure analysis

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Extrusion granulation unit mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and highly integrated, high level of automation. Therefore, there will be more difficult to diagnose faults in actual operation, resulting in long processing time, thus affecting the normal operation of the entire polypropylene unit, greatly reducing the production of economic efficiency. I combine extrusion granulation production process more than ten years of theoretical knowledge and management experience in the actual production run, the common cause of failure in the operation of the unit of analysis to determine the appropriate measures to resolve the development and treatment, thereby ensuring its long period of stable operation. 


     In the extrusion granulation unit, resulting in extrusion granulation unit appears in the operation of the friction clutch is disengaged, the unit interlock Parking reasons into four categories: 

     Main motor system failure


1, the main motor torque is too high or too low; 2, the main motor speed is too low; 3, the main motor bearing temperature is too high; 4, the main motor winding temperature; 5, the main motor water-cooled chiller entrance temperature; 6, the main motor bearing oil pump outlet flow rate is too low; 7, the main motor bearing oil pump outlet pressure is too low; 8, cooler water leakage water-cooled main motor is too high. 

     Transmission failure 

     1, gearbox shift lever position deviation; 2 meter high wind pressure friction clutch; 3, the friction clutch speed difference is too large; 4, gearbox oil pump outlet pressure is too low; 5, gearbox oil pump oil exports over high; 6, the internal friction clutch failure. 

     Screw extrusion granulator process section of the fault 

     1, before and after the throttle melt pressure is too high; 2, head melt pressure is too high; 3, front and rear changer melt pressure is too large; 4, turn the valve drive failure. 

     Underwater pelletizing system failure


1, diced motor winding temperature; 2, pelletizer speed is too low; 3, pelletizer torque is too high; 4, the particles of water bypass automatically switch failure; 5, particulate water pressure is too high or too low; 6 particle water flow is too low; 7, pelletizer not to tighten the clamp bolt; 8, the cutting chamber bypass valve is not closed; 9, pelletizer hydraulic clamping pressure is too low; 10, diced motor failure; 11, a hydraulic cutter axial feed pressure is too low. 

     In the cause of the malfunction, the occurrence frequency more: the main motor system main motor torque is too high or too low; driveline friction clutch failure; melt pressure screw extrusion granulation process section of the system's high; underwater cutting granulator system failure. Will conduct a detailed analysis below these common causes of failure, given the appropriate solution.


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