Granulating machine during operation precautions

2017-09-22 11:30 Clicks:185

     When the operator filler, must be optimistic, do not feed into the utility room, master temperature. 

     1, if a boot, not a bar appears sticky material phenomenon die, die temperature is too high, and so the slightest cooling to normal, under normal circumstances without downtime. 

     2, the water temperature should normally be 50 --- 60 ℃, low easily breaking, beyond the easy adhesion, at first boot plus the best half hot, as there are no conditions, diced delivery time is available to people within the granulator , etc. and then it automatically diced water temperature to avoid breaking, the water temperature exceeds 60 ℃, the need to add cold water circulating inward, to maintain the temperature. 

     3, diced sure to get into all of the pull against the roll, otherwise it will damage the cutter. If the vent outward material struggle to take drama proved filter impurities have been blocked, this time down the speed required to replace mesh, mesh to 60 mesh Forty ---