Precision plastic waste granulator successfully developed an

2017-09-22 11:27 Clicks:133

     A new high-precision processing of waste plastics recycling and pelletizing machinery - JLQA125 type air-cooled low-waste plastic granulator sets of processing machines, has officially hit the market. 

     It is reported that the grain processing machine using the original air-cooled granulation, the particles can be directly bagging rapid cooling after cooling. Used high-density (5000S) plastics cleaning, heating, granulation, can directly produce plastic granules, the head can be rotated automatically diced, particles entering the air cooled by the cooling fan cooling tower. Its production process without traditional braces and artificial cooling tank, so the production of continuous strip, while saving time and labor, particle-free water. Particles produced by the high level of particle selling price per ton higher than the traditional process more than 200 yuan, each unit can be saving more than $ 20,000 annual income, suitable for recycling and processing of waste plastics recycling.