Enterprise value view:
Customer satisfied: Discover customer’s need; bring value to customer; respect and be concerned about customer. 
Respecting individual: Communicate openly and honestly; be equitable all the time; trust each other; support each other; 

Receive different things; 
Team work: Support team work spirit; support other team member.
Sense of success: Own the common foresight, objective and responsibility; own the decision of struggling for victory. 
Knowledge share: Share knowledge actively; collect new knowledge independently. 
Constant study: Be innovative and braved; support development; put up with failure; new feel self-satisfied; keep modest, exoteric thinking.

Our promises: 
We is a young company. The dawn of new century endows us youthful spirit, individuality of being brave in innovation and the courage of making improving constantly.

We believe that only innovate constantly can the enterprise remain invincible in a new competitive environment. Every our managing action must create economic benefit and improve living quality for the people to whom the enterprise is relative. Each of our behavior must bring active influence. We will speak frankly and sincerely to deal with various relationships and be responsible to our behaviors.

To the society, we make the promises that: 
comply with state’s statutes; manage honestly; respect individual dignity and rights;
deal with various relationships in line with reciprocal principle; win other’s belief and make them be willing to cooperate with us; make great efforts to win new customer with new thinking and new creativity; try to improve finical achievement to realize shareholder’s long-term benefit maximization.

To the employee, we make promises that: 
create a working environment where people believe and respect each other, respect difference and encourage participation to make every employee know about the requirement what the company demands for his post;
develop frank and sincere discussion to each achievement; 
every employee can improve his ability and get self-development in a atmosphere of innovative culture;
individual achievement can be got promised and got competitive respond; 
every employee has opportunities to give his advice and makes his own contribution to improve collectivity’s achievement; 
every employee is treated fairly and not discriminated;
individual choice is supported.